American Super Hero Quiz

American Super Hero Quiz

We won’t ask you if you prefer Marvel or DC universe – it could start a war. However in this American Super Hero quiz we will dare to ask you how much you actually know about your favorite and less favorite comic heroes! Challenge accepted? Actually starting a war between both could be fun to […]

Star Trek Quiz

Star Trek Quiz

To boldly go where no man has gone before …it seems like you will have to attempt to complete this Star Trek quiz quiz! Okay, some people may have already been here, but only the most devoted fans had excellent scores. Are you one of them? Take the challenge now and complete the Star Trek […]

Gundam - Anime and Manga Quiz

Anime and Manga Quiz

Feeling kawaii enough for our Anime and Manga Quiz? Do you want to test your knowledge with our Anime and Manga Quiz? Because the Quiz you are about to start is about the probably most popular form of Japanese entertainment. Aka. Manga and Anime. Maybe you are already an expert and just want to show […]


Game of Thrones

Brace yourselves – an awesome Game of Thrones quiz is coming! It is time to challenge your true devotion to this TV series and check if you’ve really paid attention to everything. Ready? Jump in!


Cartoons & Animation Movies Quiz

Do you want to build a … Great score in animated films knowledge? Get in, wake up the child inside you and play this little trivia game. It won’t be easy, but it will surely be sweet! Many generations now have grown up watching cartoons. Many still enjoy watching them as adults. But how much […]

Disney Quiz

Disney Quiz

The magic of Disney is a fond memory for most of us. But how well do you really remember your Disney facts? Well if you don’t do that good it could be a great excuse to rewatch the movies or go on a week-end trip to Disney World/Land if you have one not too far […]


American Movies and Hollywood Quiz

Are you a cinema-aficionado? Then this quiz might be just right for you! Press Start below to answer all the questions about Cinema, Movie Stars and Hollywood.